Steps to get started

1.  Install the App

There are 2 ways to install the MXED app

  1.  You can install the MXED app directly from the website. First, make sure that you're logged into your Shopify site and navigate to Then click either the "Sign Up" or "Add the App to Shopify" button on the MXED homepage and follow the instructions to add the app to your store. Lastly, navigate to the Products section to begin adding products to your store by search or product license.
  2. Go to the Shopify App store and search for MXED. Then click on the "Get" button and follow the instructions to install the app to your Shopify store

2.  Select the products you're looking to sell

Go to the Products section and click on the licenses you're most interested in selling. Once you find the products you're interested in selling,you can either add the product directly to your Shopify or view the details to get more product information. From the detail page you'll be able to add the product to your store.

3.  Add to your Shopify Store

Determine your selling price - Our default selling price is the MSRP of the items

Add shipping - There are 3 different ways to calculate shipping costs:

  1.  MXED Calculated Rates - coming soon...
  2. Advanced Shipping Rules - best for selling a combination of MXED and non-MXED products; this app gives the most flexibility.
  3. Weight Based Rules (not recommended) - this method can work if you're only selling a few MXED products and can be complex. You would assign unique weights to all of your MXED products and then create very specific weight-based rules to target all of those weights. For more details, click here.

4.  Promote

  1. Email Marketing - we suggest sending a dedicated email to your customers curating your favorite selections.  
  2. Social Media - use your Instagram following to get your audience excited for the products to come.
  3. Advertising - licensed products are a great way to get users to your site using well-known brands, like Star Wars, to entice users to visit your site, where you can then up-sell on other products

5.  Order Your Products

When a customer places an order, it will show up in the Orders section.  From there, click on the “Order Product” button to pay for the MXED product via credit card. Once your order is paid for, MXED will take it from there - your MXED item will be shipped directly to the customer and tracking loaded to your system by us!

6.  Order Fulfillment & Shipping

Once the MXED product is paid for, tracking will be uploaded within 3 business days.  MXED will automatically upload the tracking number to the MXED order and the order will be marked as “fulfilled” in your Shopify.

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